I gotta get out of this town

She hangs around the boulevard, shes a local girl with a local star. She got home late, she got home late.
She dranks so hard the bottle eight, she tried she tried she tried.
She takes and takes, she takes, she understand when she gives it away...
she said..
Man a gotta get out of this town, man i gotta get out of this pain, out of this town....out of LA

I got a gun, I got a gun I got a gun I call the lucky one...
I left a note by the phone dont leave a message cuz there is no one home..
I vcied i cried, and I cired. I laught and I laught cuz I knew that i wasnt coming back

I got to get out af this town...FUCK LA

I took a train I took a tain to a lilltle old town with that name.
I met a man he took me in and fed me with all that bullshit again, he lied he lied like a salesman
Man I gotta get out of this town out of pain..but im going back to LA.


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